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Side Mount Tire tread covers


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I am looking for a company or an individual who can roll form spare tire tread covers.

I had a set done by a fellow in Indiana as a CCCA region project several years ago, but apparently he is no longer doing them.

Any leads are appreciated.

Thank you

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As noted above for years the Indiana region of the CCCA reproduced the side mount covers that went on many different cars in the early 1930s.

I called a few Walter a few months ago and talked to his wife. It seems the project is no longer going and the tool and dies were lost. I have investigated some different ways to have these made but the costs are way

up there for one set from scratch (4 or 5k). There are 3 or 4 of us looking to have a set made for 18 inch wheels. They are identical to the ones that went on the 32 Packard.

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?

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There is a fellow in Hemmings print addition who advertises that he makes the full side mount covers for V16 Cadillacs. Perhaps he can make the tread covers, or at least give you some further insight.

Also, there is currently an ad on the CCCA web page for side mount covers. It references the Indiana Region and the same phone number given by the previous poster (812) 828-0075.

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