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1950 76-R runs again after 35+ years

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I have to share this. Today I got my 1950 Roadmaster 76-R running again, and the old straight 8 sounds wonderful. It just humms so contentedly. I bought the car last month as an abandoned project in Lubbock, Texas, and towed it home. I learned that the 2-dr. hardtop is scarcer than the convertible in 1950. When I first tried to start it, the engine sounded awful and I shut it off right away. Got new copper exhaust manifold gaskets from CARS, Inc., and installed them to fix the bad leak at the engine/manifold joint. Tried to crank it again--metallic clanking sound this time--not good. Pulled off the valve cover and found a bent pushrod and stuck valve on #1 cylinder. Straightened the pushrod, unstuck the valve with B-12 Chemtool, reassembled everything, rigged up a temporary gas can, and cranked again. Nothing! The fuel filter was so clogged that it would not let anything through. Cleaned up the ceramic filter and the screen, and gas came into the glass bowl.

Cranked it again. After one or two tries, the lifters got pumped up, stopped their clanking, and man, that old 320 just purred and hummed as good as a new one! Hooray! First time it has run in about 35 years, from what I can determine. The car only has 74,000 miles. No smoke, no leaks, no lifter noise.

I'll try to attach photos of the interior. The original green leather is soft as a glove. This big baby was kept indoors out of the Texas sun. It's in primer, with the rear fenders off, so I'll have to save up for a paint job and then I can reassemble the big green hardtop.

Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Sherman, TX





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Guest imported_MrEarl

Pete, don't you just love bringing these ol' Buicks back to life. I realize they're only old iron but everytime I crank one up that has been left sitting in a pasture or woods for years it just makes me feel great.

Again I am so envious of you. First the 54 Roadmaster you saved and restored and now this. I love the 50 Roadmaster Rivieras and in fact it is the only car that I ever considered selling my 54's in order to buy one of. Thankfully I came to my senses and passed on it but here is the one that almost got me.


Look forward to watching you transform this one back to it's glorious old self.

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Mr. Earl - Glad to see your alive and well. Hope the family is in good health. I still have that royal maroon Roadie down here in Florida. Took her out to a cruise-in last month and people really enjoyed her. They are superior cars and have a real high "cool factor" in my opinion.

Pete - I would try and find a Fulton visor if you can, they add a nice gangster look eh ! Good luck on the restoration, and contact me for any info or pics to reference if needed.

Merry Christmas to all Buiick lovers !!

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