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1925 Stutz Remy Generator Problem


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How have you guys dealt with the deteriorating pot metal end plate on 1920 era Remy generators?

I have a 1925 Remy Generator 917-R on my 1925 Stutz 693 Roadster and the end plate that holds the brushes is starting to fall apart and must be replaced.

Thank you all in advance.


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I have a good restorable 1928-29 era REMY 947-A generator. It has no mounting ears, probably secured with a clamping mechanism.

Do you know the Remy part number for the end plate? I'll try to see if I can find a part number breakdown, the end plate may interchange.

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It looks like the end frame is the bug. ( I think some starters of that era used a similar casting) These interchanges <span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="font-style: italic">may</span></span> provide a clue to a donor or replacement generator. Good Luck.(My generator uses same bearings and brushes but end frame is different, it won't help you)

<span style="font-weight: bold"><span style="text-decoration: underline">Source: 1937 Hollander Interchange</span></span>

Hollander #312, 917-R generator

<span style="color: #FF6666">See #4-#9, #318, #173</span>

Stutz 1923-24 660,95

Indiana 1923-26 20,25,35

Maccar 1925-28 30,46

Hollander #4, 917V

Auburn 1923-26 6-63,8-88

Apperson 1925 8

Gardner 1925-26 3H,8H,8

Kissel 1925-26 8

Hollander #5, 917J

Auburn 1923-26 6-63,8-88

Hollander #6, 941D

Auburn 1925-26 6-66,8-88,4-44

Elcar 1926-27 8-88

Velie 1928 8-88

various other

Hollander #7, 917W

Apperson 1925 8

Velie 1925 50,60

Hollander #8, 941B


Hollander #9, 941R


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You might check with the Stutz club - someone told me these may have been made in Australia. We needed one very quickly a couple of years ago and found a Chevy starter end that would work (not correct, but functional)and I never followed up on the Aussie ones. If you make or find them, let me know, my friend may want one too. The originals are notoriously prone to trouble. Dave Mitchell packard12s@hotmail.com

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Here is an update on my pot metal generator end housing problem.

I gave the pattern maker the go ahead to make the pattern off of the original Remy 917-R end housing.

I will have an aluminum casting in a few monthes to machine.

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I suggest that you contact Dave, the pattern maker that made the pattern and had the castings made, at Ohio Pattern. His number is 614 875-9599.

I have had him make the pattern for the generator end housing and a pattern for the speedo drive/rear bearing retainer for my Warner 3 speed transmission.

He specializes in antique car parts patterns and castings.

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I do have an extra casting that has not been machined for my Remy 917-R generator off on my 1925 Stutz 693. See the attached photo.

I do not know what other cars of the time used this same generator configuration and end housing.

Take a look at the photos to make sure the part is what you need.

I had not thought much about selling a casting but if you need one we can discuss.

There is a lot of machining involved and I am not a machinist. I had the pattern made and had two castings made.

A friend did the machining. A local machine shop wanted $450.00.





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The end casting looks just like the one on my 1923 Studebaker Light Six which has a Remy 917-A generator. I have the same disintegration issue. I know that the machining will take a bit of work. Please let me know if you would be willing to part with your spare casting and what you would be wanting for it.

You can reply to smrdeza@power-net.net

Thanks for the consideration,


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Hi Graham,

I will ask the machinist who machined my casting if he is interested in making another one and how much he would want to do it. Unfortunately we did not make a drawing.

I only had two castings made. I used one and just sold the other one to a Studebaker guy. He plans to machine it himself. I will send him an email to see if he would machine you one while he is doing his or make a drawing so you could have it machined locally.

I own the pattern and can have more castings made. I would need to check on the current price from the foundry.


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I will check and get back to you.

I will reply via private message to you when I get the info.

Attached is a photo of the original, the casting, and the finished new end plate on my distributor.

I bench tested the generator with the new end plate and all is good.


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