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Just put Stewart Warner fuel pump 4 Pierce,Lycoming on Ebay


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This auction is for a very rare and desirable circa 1927-36 Stewart Warner fuel pump, model # 527-E, Z 10. Also cast into the body of the pump is # P-69699. Appears to be quite nice all over. No cracks in the housing. This was removed from a 1932 big straight 8-cylinder Lycoming engine. Lycoming engines were used in Auburn, Cord, Kissel, Gardner, Jordan, DuPont, Marmon, Locomobile, etc. This pump might also be used on other non Lycoming engines from the classic car era. These normally sell in this condition for the $450.00 plus range. Reserve is substantially under that. No other Auburn Cord or Lycoming parts for sale. Shipping is $25.00. This fuel pump is a must if you collect Lincoln, Cadillac, Auburn, Cord, Packard, Stutz, Franklin, Marmon, Dusenberg , Deusenberg, Duesenburg, Dupont, Jordan, Gardener, Kissel, Henney, Locomobile, Pierce Arrow, for the years 1927,1928,1929,1930,1931,1932,1933,1934, 1935. Any questions email me at gnalbright@gmail.com. Good Luck! George Albright


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