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ScottWAH I would like to hear from your friend. My email is TDMcD22 on America on Line.

I do not anticipate the stock market will be turning around any time soon, but I may be able to come up with enough even if doubly disadvantaged having no gains that need pulling out and only these cheap devalued American dollars to use.

The one that I want the most has an owner that wants to keep it even more it would appear.

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I don't know if anyone would be interested, but there is a cabernet TC in a used car lot in Berryville VA on Route 340. The body looks good, no visible rust or has a wrinkle in the fender but could be fixed easily. The ginger interior seems clean; HOWEVER it has non-stock seats in it. They look good with no tears, they're the right colour, but they are not original. Seat controls are missing. It is an 89 8v.

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