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My Duesy or V16 Cadillac leaf springs now F/S on Ebay


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This 7 day auction is for a set of Leaf springs from the Dee Howard collection. He mainly had Duesenberg parts, but had other classic car parts as well. There is a total of 18 leaves or 9 leaves per spring. These are probably rear springs. The main spring is 64 inches, following the curve of the spring with a tape. The springs are 2 1/2 inches wide. 2 1/2 inch wide springs were mainly used on Duesenbergs and V16 Cadillacs and maybe V12, but there could be others that used them as well. I am uncertain of all applications. Thus I make no guarantees as to what all they fit. What you see is what you get. A set of Duesenberg or Cadillac V16 springs will run several thousand dollars. The reserve on these is much less. Weight is approx 100 pounds for all. Shipping is actual UPS costs from 34471, plus $20 packing. Any questions email me at gnalbright@gmail.com.

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