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Thoughts From St Augustine Meet


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As always when TC owners get together 'en-mass' it's like being part of an extended family cool.gif The St Augustine meet November 4th, 5th, 6th was no exception. Good to see the old frinds again and a few new faces too.

One thing I really noticed this time was lots of cars changing hands. At least at the meets when cars sell, they stay in the family smile.gif

The weather was pretty much all we could ask for, sunny and warm in the day and not too hot (unless you were under the hood of a TC working on a hot motor ;)) and cool, beer drinking weather in the evenings. I think on Sunday night, we were in the lot till almost 1 am cool.gif

Monday was the parts swap/car show/ do minor repairs in the lot day. Between Rick Diogo and myself, I think we fixed or upgraded more than a dozen cars. It seems like almost all the cars need something done. Rick sold and installed at no charge, upgraded stage II SMEC engine control Computers. Every one of those lucky owners was pleased with their purchase. Nice to see that big smile after they pull back into the lot after thier first test drive.

Since I had to work Tuesday morning, American Airlines had to take me back to the other coast Monday night and I missed the awards banquet frown.gif Still 2/3rds of a TC meet is better than missing it all together.

Needless to say, there were some VERY CLEAN well kept TC's. As nice as some of those cars were, they had nothing on Rick Diogo's 819 mile Triple black 90 16V TC. HOLY SMOKES that car is PERFECT smile.gif

I'll let someone who could attend the awards banquet give some details from that event...

I didn't ake as many pics as I wanted to as I was wrenching most of the day. I did get a few though, enjoy







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