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AC Solargizer


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Does anyone else have experience with this battery maintainence product? <P>I bought one about a year ago, it worked for a little while but then a few months ago it went bad and ruined my battery. Instead of maintaining a full charge, it started to send only 5 volts to the battery and it completely drained. I sent it back for warrantee but the "new" replacement also drained by brand new battery to 5 volts. Luckily I checked it the very next day to see if it was working, it didn't. I removed it and sucessfully re-jumped started my 1968 MGB. I think that the battery is still OK.<P>Does anyone else have experience with this product? If not, what do you use to maintain your classic car's battery? My 68 MGB only gets driven maybe two or three times a month.<P>Thanks frown.gif" border="0

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