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My 1927-35 Watson Stabilator stabilizer shocks F/S on Ebay

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I just posted three different Ebay auctions Sat.,to last 10 days. Each auction is for some Watson Stabilators and/or parts that might work for your Duesy,or other late 20s to early 30s large/classic car.One set is round,and one set is oval, and the last auction is for mounting brackets only. Below is the text from all 3 auctions which is identical. Do a search under Ebay Motors for Watson Stabilators. Sincerely George Albright. Email: gnalbright@gmail.com Cell 352 843 1624 Up for auction in THREE different auctions are very rare and desirable Watson Stabilator stabilizer shock absorbers for late 20s and early 30s automobiles. All items are from the Dee Howard Duesenberg car and parts collection, which I purchased. All tagged "Duesenberg" although I cannot guarantee that is correct. I know Watsons were used as accessories on many Duesenbergs in the round and oval configuration, and in several sizes. They could take the place of the Delco Lovejoy front shock. Watsons will judge as correct in show competition. My Duesenberg Judkins Limo that Fran Roxas is restoring has the oval model Watsons on it. Round and oval are correct. Most if not all of the parts needed to restore these shocks are available from Brian Joseph at Classic and Exotic Service in Troy Michigan. He has a website with a HUGE inventory of real and repro. Duesy parts. Auction #1 is for a set of Model AA round shocks AND the very rare mounting brackets. All in nice shape and can be restored to show condition. These are generally smaller than most of the round ones I have seen on Duesys, but would probably mount and work. Auction #2 is for a set of the oval Watson shocks, but with most of the guts missing. However the cans themselves will restore to show condition, and as mentioned, Brian Joseph sells most, if not all of the internal components for Watsons. Auction #3 is for a set of Watson mounting brackets, which are different from the brackets on the shocks in auction #1. However in the auction #3 photos you will see the round and oval shocks for sale in auction #1 and #2 both bolt right on to these brackets. These are extremely rare to find, so don't miss this opportunity. These shocks are also correct for Lincoln, Cadillac, Auburn, Cord, Packard, Stutz, Marmon, Dusenberg , Deusenberg, Duesenburg, Dupont, Jordan, Gardener, Kissel, Henney, Locomobile, for the years 1927,1928,1929,1930,1931,1932,1933,1934,1935. Any questions email me at gnalbright@gmail.com. Shipping will be actual costs from zip 34471. Good Luck!


George Albright Cell 352 843 1624

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