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1928 FB Studebaker President Help


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Proud, proud, proud new owner of a 1928 FB President. I wish to restore to showroom as I have done with my other cars, which are mostly from the 60's, and 70's. Brand new to Studes. Car is complete and runs. looking for any literature on this car. I have the parts book from faxon, but need so much more info and resources before I attack this project which I'm very excited about. Any help to send me in the right direction would be very greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. I'm honored to be in this community. Dale

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I suggest you check out the Antique Studebaker Club

They specialize in prewar Studebakers. If you go to their annual meet you will probably get a chance to see several Presidents of the same vintage and talk to their owners. That seems to be the best way to gather info on old cars. Although the President is a full classic, I have not seen many at CCCA events.

These are fine cars and few seem to be around anymore. Glad yours has fallen into good hands.

Good luck!

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