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Universal Wheel and Hub Puller

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Dear Chrysler Readers,

I have a 1948 Royal that needs brake work, any ideas as to where I might find a "Drum Puller" seems like no one knows what they are anymore.

I removed the wheel, cotterpin, washer, and released the emergency brake, and even bumped it with a rubber mallet, no cigar.

I did a brake job on my other '48 Royal in '79 and I think

I just pulled the drum off by hand. Any ideas as to where

I might find a C-675 tool (Universal Wheel and Hub Puller)?

Tom Skinner

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I tried about 12 places this week, no pullers that would work for rent.

I even tried about 4 Pawn Shops, plenty of damn good cheap tools there for anyone looking, but no hub/wheel pullers.

Good news is that e-bay has a ton of them cheap (under a hundred, w S&H included).

So I guess its e-bay to the rescue.

Tom Skinner


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The only reason I suggested renting or borrowing a puller is because you need one so seldom. It hardly seems worth buying one if you can find one to rent.

But if you can't, for $75 bucks I guess it's a good deal. After all you will save that much and more, on your first brake job.

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