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1964 wildcat 2 door hardtop for sale lowered price must sell!!!

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hello i am selling a 1964 wildcat 2 door hardtop. it has a 401 v8 in it, bucket seats floor shift. car is red outside with white roof and white interior. has brand new complete dual exhaust, new headliner, new windsheild, motor has rebuilt and transmission from the owner i bought it from. car will need some restoring. has no rot underneather floor pans solid only minor surface rust on the underside. only rot is a small hole starting on the bottom of the front right fender and passenger rear fender just above the beging of the rear passenger fender and a small hole and the lower rear fender jsut behind wheel opening and some minor rusting under rear tail lights. paint is all there but marks and the white roof is poor color. interior is all there buts need redoing door panels and quarter panels ok but the owner i bought it from cut them to put speakers in one if front and rear of both door panels they are good panels but driver one could use work, seats are good but driver one needs some redoing. front end ok but grill elblem bar is broken. needs a rear bumper has hit in rear center section hard and ends rotting. car has the rare optional corning lights. car is not up on ebay yet i will be putting it up for sale unless i hear from here first. e-mail here or for faster responce at crownvictoria97@aol.com asking $6,000 for best offer. thanks also e-mail there for pics

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sorry i am not spending money on a car if i got to sell it. i am asking way less then what i paided for it. i need to sell asap can't wait to march. where car is being stored person sold house and need to get it out and i can't afford to pay $300.00 a month storage fee to keep it off street unless somebody wants to pay it for me then yes i will. thanks

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Seriously? That's 4 years old.

Go to the Jaxed Site Mash, type in your parameters - 1960's Buick, years 63 64, price if a requirement, location if important, hit enter

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Its always worth a try..

I have bought a car from an old add many years back so it doesnt hurt to ask...

some folks get tierd of tring and just stops tring or just says forget it.!

Thanks for your responce BJM..


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