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Electric car chargers

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I have been looking for a used K & W BC-20 charger to use with my Milburn. However, it occurred to be that maybe there is something better. What are other electric car owners using and how satisfied are you with the performance of the various makes and models of chargers that are available? These chargers are usually pretty expensive so I want to be sure I am getting the most for the money I am going to spend. Thank you in advance for your replies.


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Hi Steve-

How's your Milburn coming along?

Drop a note to the Antique Electric Vehicles list sometime.

I haven't used a BC-20, though would consider it for the right price (a used one was up on Ebay a couple months back). I'm using a pretty non-conventional setup using Vicor Megapac and DC/DC modules----which wouldn't be cheap if it weren't for used and surplus units appearing on Ebay from time to time.

I guess I'd recommend looking for a Lester charger. I've seen these in 36, 48 and 72v ratings. I have a 36 and a 48v one I'm not using if that dual combination would work for you---together would be good for 84v charging. I've seen a 72v Lester go up on Ebay recently---but that would be too low for a 1921 Milburn.

-Myles Twete

Portland, Or.

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Thank you for the information. I look at ebay regularly for other things but have never even thought about looking for a charger there. I will start checking on ebay. I haven't been doing as much as I would like on any of my cars. I am working 400 miles away from home Monday through Friday.


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