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How many batteries needed for touring?

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Hi John-

I have a minimal complement of batteries in my 1921 Milburn with 8 Hawker Genesis AGM 12v 75ah (96v) batteries. And these are pretty tired batteries with probably only 20ah of capacity. With that capacity, my car can go about 8miles.

And that's not really enough as I have to charge half way to anywhere...

IN this case, I have to stop and recharge a full 1- to 1 1/2 hours before going again after that 6-8mi trip...not too good.

I can't say I've had my Milburn moving for a full hour straight---1/2 hour, yes.

I also need new batteries and I'd be inclined to buy flooded golf cart batteries with 225ah rated 20h capacity.

This would offer roughly 180ah max at the average current of the Milburn (say 50a on the flat) and would offer, say, 3hrs of cruising to 80%DOD and perhaps 80mi range.

Not that I need that kind of range...in fact, now that I think about it, it probably makes more sense to buy some new good 100ah or so AGMs and accept less range for lighter. A solid 90ah would offer nearly 2 hours of running.

Things to consider:

1) Figure your expected distance you'll travel to events and plan to have at least that much range---better yet, figure at least double this so you don't have to charge while there. In my case, I'd like to be able to go 12mi at least, which isn't too far if I just had good batteries.

2) If you go with a lighter battery set, your springs may seem real stiff and the ride may not be so good. I believe that is some of what I experience as I'm running with about 360-400# of weight instead of 840#.

-Myles Twete

Portland, Or.

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