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1937 Lincoln K gas cap needed

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Hi-I just finished restoring a 1936 LeBaron coupe and had a duplicate casting made in stainless of the very nice replated original gas cap for another 36 LeBaron coupe owner.

I used an engine sand casting plug modified to match my Lincoln's original to make a new 3 pronged retaining cam and a spring brass backer washer from an early Ford gas cap or rad cap kit to back the rubber gasket.

I'm a restorer and my customer car has been completed and shown 3 times this last Summer and is now with the owner.

Jerry Verdone made the casting and might still have the mold. contact at 717-949-3341 for info on the 36 Lincoln K gas cap casting.

I'd need to see any original cap again to see the details on the screw on internal parts.

I also made cast plastic duplicates of the door lock knobs and sleeves and the shifter knob. I hand figured the knobs to try to get an approximate look of the original tortoise shell originals.These are items I still have extras if you need.

Martin Lum


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