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Auto Transporters--any suggestions?

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Hi, all.

I need to have my 1950 Packard moved from the Seattle area to the Boston Area. I can drop of the car at a transporter's yard in Washington, but need to have it delivered to a residential address in Massachusetts.

Do any of you have any recommendations/advice? I am looking for info on which transporters provide good service and which to avoid, as well as anything(s) I can do to help assure a smooth trip.

Thanks much,

Mark in Alaska

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There is one company that is named after the document you need to travel into foreign countries and is now owned by a multinational fast shipping concern. This company used to be excellent, but should be avoided at all costs today. The care ain't there from the front office--the drivers are still pretty good though.

I like Reliable--they are very professional and are everything their name implies.

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You might try uShip. I used uShip when I bought my '41 Packard 120 Coupe which was located in Idaho and I needed it transported to LA for overseas shipping to Australia (See my Project Blog on Packardinfo.com for the story). Anyway, uShip is much like eBay except you can call for offers/quotes to pickup and ship whatever it is you need to transport. Mine cost about $1.00/mile.

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