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Does NAPA have an oil filter cartridge for my 50 with 263 engine

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The filters that I buy from Cars are pretty expensive. Does NAPA sell one just like it? My NAPA guy could not find one but I thought I remembered someone here mentioning that they got one there.

If you did can you provide the part number?


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I have always used a Hastings LF101 in my '50 Special. I buy it from a Federated Auto Parts dealer but I'm not sure who else carries the Hastings brand. They are very nice heavy duty filters and cost about 7 bucks. Fit like a charm.

Go to www.hastingsfilter.com and you can type in your zip to see who carries them. You might want to check on the difference between the 248 and 263 but I think they are the same. I wouldn't swear by it though. You should have no trouble finding a Hastings that will work if they are different.

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