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Young people in hobby

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I caught these guys "sneaking" onto the show field at Hershey last week. smile.gif

I asked the boy in the middle if he had a license to ride in that truck! eek.gif

He indicated that he didn't, but these guys were having fun. The intense look in the eyes tell the tale. smile.gif



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There aren't enough of us younger folk in the hobby. Although I have seen some people around my age at one of the local shows. Traditionally they are displaying a Mustang, or something similar. For the most part, I don't think I've ever seen someone my age or younger, in my area, with something older than the mid 60's. I had a friend in high school whose father had given him a model A, but nothing ever came of it.

I am 21 years old now and an Engineering Student and pretty much grew up in my dad's 14 model T runabout project, and have loved cars since. I have always been a supporter of restoring cars back to stock unless the car had been hot rodded years ago, or the body was bad enough that it would have been china-bound as scrap.

I started with a 56 Met when I was 14, and got slightly discouraged with that project because of an imperfect clutch I had bought that was impossible to align. I have since captured and released a couple of nice cars. I still have a 65 T-5 (German export Mustang), 65 Impala, 56 Metropolitan, 1939 Plymouth (ex drag car), and a 1915 Model T. Most of the people I know of my age demographic are most intrigued by the Model T and other old things.

I don't know if my upbringing was an exception, or rule, but if it is desired to get younger people into the car hobby, they must be exposed to it, they must have a personal connection to it. For me it started with a 14 model T and the movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. From about 8 years old, my dad took me to local car shows, and at around 12 we would travel further to Hershey and Carlisle.

Not every child has the same opportunities I have had, but some still happen to be near an old car or related automobilia. Make the experience special, as a previous poster said talk to them about it. Try to make a personal connection so that they will remember the car, and someday something may click and they will inherit the disease that is cardom. I have a friend going to school in California who every so often gets to drive a family friend's old 40's Chrysler. He mentioned his desire to someday have something like that, but doesn't want to look now as he assumes it would just be too expensive. Make sure to indicate that these cars can be inexpensive to own and operate. Once someone finds out they can afford something, they realize a dream can become a reality.

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