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Crosley Body Found

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Howdy Gang,

Today I was clearing the scrap iron from some land for a fella and found a Crosley Body back in the weeds.

Here is are a couple of Pictures.

Can anyone help me ID what body style and the age might be.


click on the following link to view the photos


and use password : 1964OLDS98

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See, now the Crosley is way up off the ground, not rotted too awful bad, not mangled, and at the least some guy building a hot rod would love to have that body to build around. Same for the '20s cowl and stuff laying in front of it - apparently the front of the truck the Crosley sits on, it's not a Ford with those wood spoke wheels. The '52 Buick fastback probably isn't savable, but I see a lot of good parts left. The one 4-cyl is a Model T or A motor. I'd take all of it home if it was close to me. Even if a guy just needs a head off one of those motors, once it's scrapped where are you supposed to find one?

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