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EMF 30, Flanders 20, and Everit 30 Owners meeting at Hershey

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This is to inform all E-M-F "30", Flanders "20" and Everitt "30" owners that the E-M-F Registry (An Affiliated Registry of the HCCA) will once again be having an owners meeting at Hershey on Thursday, October 11th at 1:00 PM Hershey Time in the HCCA tent (RWO30). This will be an opportunity to meet other owners, check/update your registry entry (if you are already listed), add yourself to the registry (if you are not listed) and hear about upcoming 100th Anniversary Homecoming tour in July of 2008.

If you are going to Hershey this year, please plan to attend. We would love to have you. Contact me for more info, or go to the "Events and Activities" page of the E-M-F Homepage.

EMF Homepage Events Page - dreamwater.org/emfauto/EMF_events.html

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