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Just joined the forum and do not see where there are any Willys,Whippet, Overland or "Knight-Engined" autos listed on any of the forums. I know about the Willys Overland Knight Registry but find it odd that there seems to be no mention of them on this site! Thanks!

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There's not a lot of them out there.

There is a Whippet on display in the AACA Museum (I think it's a '27 sedan), and we have a '29 Coupe with a rumble seat sitting under the car cover in my dad's garage.

The Whippets aren't a common vehicle, and parts are very scarce. In comparison to a lot of the other cars of that vintage, you won't hear a lot about them because there aren't that many of them. It is a case where there isn't too many people out and about that know anything about them, so conversations pertaining to them are very limited.

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