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Looking for Columbia two speed rear axle

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How early? For a Lincoln?

1936 and 1937 are Ford parts. The spring hangers on later model Lincolns are larger than Fords in 1938-41. I'm not sure about 1936-37.

1938, 1939 and 1940 use a hypoid ring and pinion and the Columbia parts are slightly different from Fords. Different bolt pattern and larger shackle bolts.

I have a Webshots photo album depicting the differences between Ford and Lincoln Columbia axles at: http://community.webshots.com/album/535592120cTKtFX

1941 is unique because the rear axle width was widened by about 2 1/2 inches. Still a hypoid ring and pinion set with the same Columbia gears, but the axle housings and axle shafts are longer.

For a rebuilt "bulletproof" Columbia, contact Dan Krehbiel in Temecula, California. Dan is the Columbia advisor for the Early Ford V8 Club and is also a member of LZOC.

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