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What nicknames have you given your car?

Durant Mike

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-The big gray beast

-the straight 8 barge (to people who understand those middle two)

-the 8 cyl. lawn tractor (to same people)

Not really nicknames necessarily, most of the time I just say "the ol' buick" but sometimes I use the above three, they always get a chuckle outta whoever Im talking to!

One of the guys that hangs out at the cruises and stuff said to me a few weeks ago "geez ya know what from the front it almost reminds me of a lobster! big ol lobster comin right at ya!"

I took a look and ill tell ya...he had a point!

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: rbl2</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Do you have any idea how hard it is to run over a cat in a car with 3" wide tires? shocked.gif

</div></div>If its a big cat no telling what that would do to your tires & wheels! crazy.gifsick.gif

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West, Gloria actually took him into the Karoake Bar herself two weeks ago. That was the night that the "girl" danced on the front table.

You see West, we try to show our son the evils of late night parties when the lights go low, and "things" don't look the same in the sobering "light of day", if you get my drift. whistle.gifcool.gif


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Paul - before I got my 2004 Thunderbird as an every day driver (fun car) I had an Isuzu Vehicross


One day I was having the oil changed and the guy came and told me 'Man, you know from the front this looks like a snake - a mean snake!'

I chuckled all the way home. Usually people said it looked like a tennis shoe. smile.gif

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My '63 Chevy II 2drht = the hardtop

'63 Chevy II wagon = the wagon

'63 Chevy II 4drsd = the Chevy II

Dad's '63 Chevy II convertible = the convertible

Mom's '66 Dodge Coronet 440 = the Dodge

Parent's '07 Impala = Impala

my '01 Impala = my Impala

my '95 Dodge 3500 = the truck or Ram or goat

My nieghbor's little calls my truck the mean mad.gif truck. His dad's truck (about a '96 Dodge 1500) he called a sad frown.gif truck. His mom says he look at all vehicles as being sad, happy, mean, etc.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Moepar</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: rbl2</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> Do you have any idea how hard it is to run over a cat in a car with 3" wide tires? shocked.gif

</div></div>If its a big cat no telling what that would do to your tires & wheels! crazy.gifsick.gif </div></div>

A few months back I was driving down a back road and I saw a dead possum in the road. At first I thought big deal but the closer I got the more I thought of my 3" wide tires.... the closer I got the bigger that possum looked until I swear he was almost as wide as the entire road. eek.gif

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Burgess. Sending your child off to his big night in a Ford egg. For shame. Here's the way they do it in Halifax County!


Yup- a little over the top. P.4, the boy in the dark tux in the fire truck pics is my cousin's kid John, who just started VPI and is about to die from homesickness. He's a volunteer firefighter, go figure.

The boy with the ambulance is my boss's kid. Yup- Gene actually drove Raymond and his friends to the prom in one of the family business ambulances.

Look thru the pics and you'll see an assortment of old cars and limos too.

Now, the camo tux and the kids arriving in the JD Gator are something you would probably see only in Halifax County!

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My wife bought a 65 skylark in 68,dupont called the color silver cloud The whole famly named it the gray ghost.She gave it to my step son in 79 and he sold it to a farmer in 81. My (her) nephew found it in the farmers field in 96.It had sit in the mud outside over 12 years. He drug it home gave it back to the wife and I spent ten years restoring it. It is now a first jr. with NY. vanity plates. what do they say? Graygost,what else.

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What an interesting thread. I'll bite. Here's a few of ours.

My cars:

'59 Studebaker pickup- The Orange Truck (guess the color?)

'63 Stude Daytona HT- taking up shop space

'52 Stude Commander HT- the rusty Centennial (Studebaker's 100th Anniversiary car)

Dad's cars:

'64 Stude Wagonaire- Commander Blue (It's a blue Commander Wagonaire. Haha...)

'56 Stude Champion- Charlotte

Grandparents cars:

'57 Stude Silver Hawk- The Shadow (monotone black paint; remember the radio show?)

'56 Stude Sky Hawk- Ferrous Oxide (guess that one?)

'63 Stude GT Hawk- Sweet Magnolia (it's white!)

'47 Stude pickup- Groucho (the grille looks like Groucho Marx's mustache.)

'49 Stude wrecker- Mater (The movie CARS)

'50 Stude fire truck- The fire truck

'51 Stude dump truck- The dump truck

'65 Stude Daytona- the '65

'54 Stude coupe- That poor car...

'56 Stude Power Hawk- The Coupester

'59 Stude truck- Old Navy (guess the color of that one?)

'55 Stude pickup- the '55

'56 Stude 1.5 ton truck- The Transtar

'63 Stude Lark two door- Double Zero (old abandoned racer project)

'81 Avanti- The Avanti

'71 Cadillac Eldorado ragtop- for sale

'65 Triumph Spitfire- the Triumph

Uncle's cars:

'51 Stude Starlight coupe- Ole Bullet (Bullet nose, ya know)

'52 Stude sedan- The blue car

'62 Stude Lark- the green machine

'79 Dodge Lil Red Express- Lil Red

'49 Dodge Power Wagon- the power wagon

Other uncle's cars:

'72 Dodge Charger- The Charger

'70 Super Bee- The Bee

'70 Coronet 500- The Bee Wannabe

'39 Plymouth Coupe shell- Why'd I buy that?

I think this is about all of them... wink.gif

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Ex98th would be jelous of the couple arriving on the fire truck</div></div>

Nah. An FMC pumper on a cabover Ford chassis doesn't make me jealous at all. When I first joined the fire department, that was exactly what we had for trucks in East Bloomfield, and they were terrible. The only difference was that we couldn't afford the canopy extension cabs like the one in the picture. With our warm NY winters, even if we could, you wouldn't have been able to get anyone to sit back there anyways. Those cabover Fords were harder to shift than our '42 Ford/LaFrance.

As for the FMC portion of the truck, back in 1992 we ordered a new truck, when the FMC salesman came into the firehouse to try to sell us another truck, we loved those FMC's so much that <span style="font-weight: bold">WE THREW HIM OUT OF THE FIREHOUSE</span>.

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About 1922 my father and a couple of his brothers bought the first car in the family, which they called "The Tomato". It was a red early T Ford, obviously of the first couple of production years; because noone ever repainted a T Ford - they would buy a new one. From one of his diaries of the period I gather it was noteworthy for the stupendous number of punctures they had to fix on any extended trip. This may have been dependant on passenger load, which would be heaviest on a family visit; though I cannot imagime wow you would fit ten in a T model for an extended trip.

Around the 1960's someone drove and sailed a WW2 Ford amphibious jeep around the world. He called it "Half-Safe", which I always thought would be an excellent name for any tandem car trailer.

Overall I have never been very enthusiastic about nicknames for notable cars, unless they happen to be particularly appropriate to the characteristics and performance. In England in the early 1920's, E A D Eldridge fitted a huge FIAT aircraft engine into the extended chassis of a pre WW1 racing car, wich he raced with significant success particularly at Brooklands. Appropriately it was known as "Mephistopheles". It must have been an heroic achievement to drive and control it, and you could never get an engineer to sign off on it if you built it today. Nevertheless, is survived and is restored.

I felt disappointed after I traded my 1927 Cadillac 4 passenger phaeton to a friend in Sydney for my second Mercer, that he assigned a name to it for some character in a current TV series at the time. Of course it was his car to do as he wished; but a fine car is sufficient in its own identity, and really does not need a silly name. Of course, Sydney people were always of a different mindset to us, and we could easily end up with the short end of any deal because our habit was to be open-minded rather than having primary self interest.

Trying to think of names that might suit particular vehicles, I recall people with little low-powered antique cars made in a country of shorter distances. For such a car, "Patience" might suit. One of my frinds has an Orient Buckboard which he restored most beautifully decades ago. It remains in that condition because it is not often used. Orient often requires the assistance of the passenger on any but the slightest uphill grade; so if you wanted a name it would have to be "Patience and Effort".

Ivan Saxton

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1906 Buick Model F touring, "Billy", in honor of Billy Durant

1907 Cadillac Model K runabout, "Martyn", in honor of Henry Martyn Leland; calling the car Henry would have invited confusion with Henry Ford

1913 Ford Model T runabout, "T For Two"

1912 Buick Model 35 touring, currntly in pieces, "Beau". I know nothing of this car's provenance, other than it must have come from the south (it's a 60" wide-track) in a hilly or muddy area (it has the lowest of three rear end ratios offered in that year). So "Beau" is short for Beauregard T. Culpepper, a fine and distinguished gentleman of the Old South.

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My 29 D.A. Dodge ute is called Matilda after john Dodge's 1st wife and I later found out that the wife of the (Australian) coach builders T.J.Richards,( who built the body), was also Matilda so I guess it an appropriate name.

My 33 dodge brougham is just called "the bro"

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My '63 Riviera is called "Natalie".

I read several years ago that Natalie Wood was given a brand new 1963 Buick Riviera by Robert Wagner. So my '63 Riv just had to be called Natalie. Quite a fitting name. She's beautiful!

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1928 Graham Paige = "The Mistress"

1929 Graham Paige (Under Const) "The Madam"

The mistress was so name because of an off hand remark by my mother, when dad first restored the car. It went along the lines of "You spend so much time out the you might as well have a mistress". From then on it was called the mistress. The current project was called "the madam" just to keep with the theme, we chose madam as she is more formal (She is a sedan).

The funny thing is we are planning a race car from the spares and are thinking of calling it "The bastard" or the "Green dragon" as all our cars are green and ourt surname is Oldfield.

We also have

1990 Jaguar = "The puditat"

2004 Holden Zafira = "The Big Red Bus" it the wifes people mover.

Before that I had

1978 nissan Skyline = Barbera (No Plate BBQ)

1984 Daihatsu = Victa, it was an overgrown lawn mower

1980 Daihatsu = Victoria, was my wifes and just followed the theme

1980 subaru = Appolo, the white rocket

1978 Mazda 121 = The emu, It would regularly lay an egg, A big one.

1964 mgb = Baby, cause it was my baby

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Before or after they break down? Just Kidding!

Here are my nicknames for my cars:

21 Chevy '490'-The Victorian Special

41 Dodge Coupe- The Red Special

48 Lincoln Continental- The Godfather or old ironsides

66 Mustang- The Mustang

78 Lincoln Mark V- Pimpmobile

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 1948Lincoln</div><div class="ubbcode-body">

78 Lincoln Mark V- Pimpmobile </div></div>Hmmm, sounds like you'd have to have the 8-track of 'Saturday Night Fever' & to dress like Huggy Bear from Starsky & Hutch to go with that name.... laugh.gif

I've been threatening to get some Bee Gees tunes to go play in my '76 Olds just to tweak some of the other club memebers crazy.gif

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Growing up:

- 1960 Cadillac Limousine: "Big Black"

- 1961 Pontiac Convertible: "The Chief"

- My brother's 1957 Chevrolet: "The Blue Bomb"

- My brother's 1960 Chevrolet: "Leftover Parts" and "Drop us of a block from church until you get a muffler"

- My father's loan-a-wreck to my sister, a 1969 Cadillac: "The 3-Wheeler"

- My sister's college car, 1975 Renault LeCar: "Le Garbage"

- My wife's family's 1980 Chevy Citation: "Bent" and the "Crab" (folded in half and "repaired" after being T-boned it never drove straight again

- My wife's family's 1974 Chevy Nova: "Blue Bomb"

- My wife's brother's 1972 Ford LTD: "I can't believe you sandblasted that in my garage!" when looking at the piles of sand in and out of Mom's house

Our cars:

- 1970 Electra: "Pegasus"

- 1983 AMC Concord Wagon: "AMC" and "Oh my Lord it's hot in here in Florida without air conditioning!"

- 1989 Ford Crown Vic SW: "Blue Wagon" and the rear seat area was always referred to as "the back-back"

- 1956 Cadillac: "Christene" when it was still red, and "Caddy" and "Limo" now

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What a great thread....

Well, I guess I am not that imaginative either because I typically refer to my cars by their year of manufacture...the 13 or the 31, etc. But my wife instantly came up with a nickname for my 15 Buick speedster project when I decided on the paint scheme.

One of my more artistic car buddies insisted that a speedster should be painted a flashy color. I wanted to make a speedster like a 16 - 18 year old kid would do to the old family car with limited $$ to spend. So the nickel plated parts would simply be painted rather than re-plated.

So when I decided to paint it Dodge Viper yellow with a painted black radiator shell, windshield frame, & black straps on the round rear mounted gas tank..... she named it the "Bumble Buick".

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my one 66 newport was nicknamed "Beastie".it was called that because it had duels with glasspacks.when i was just driving it was quiet but when it got reved it sounded like the end of world was coming.the other 66 newport was called Docker....because you didnt park her you had to Dock her.

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I've never really been into giving cars names, I usually go with something simple when referring to them. "The Olds" for my 4-4-2, "the truck" for whatever truck I own at the time, basically a short version of the vehicles model name if nothing else, but there have been a couple that did get named.

At one time we had a 76 Ford wagon we called the Queen Mary due to it's size. I had a less than powerful Ford van known as the "Silver Slug." My son labeled a full size GMC van "Old Blue."

My 66 Fairlane was called the Floozy. She was a painted up old gal who was a little rough up close under the fancy paint and had been around the block a few times. She looked best from a distance, the name fit.


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The most memorable vintage car nickname was for a 1969 Buick Electra convertible. I bought it in good running condition but it needed paint, top, upholstery, chrome, etc. It was an oxidized gold color and generally looked like it came off the back lot of a used car lot. This was during the Gulf War when the SCUD missles were getting a lot of attention from the press. My college age kids therefore named it "THE SCUD". Interestingly enough however, whenever any of them returned home for holidays, etc the first car they chose to go cruising in was "THE SCUD" even though there were nicer cars to choose from.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

I often name my cars after the wife of who ever I bought it from or some other girls name that just seems to fit.

I recently bought a 54 Century from California and had it shipped home to Georgia. The hauler called the day he picked it up to let me know that he should be in Georgia in about 5 days and would call the day before arriving. Well, after about 7 days I start calling him to se where he is. No answer, just his voice mail. After about 10 days nothing, his mailbox was full. This goes on for another 2-3 days and still no car, no word. FINALLY after 2 weeks being over due he calls and says he is in town. I give him directions to the house and tell him to look out for low hanging phone lines. When he gets to my house I ask him where the heck he has been. He commeneces to tell me that when he crossed the New Mexico state line the canine unit was there and that they had found a substantial amount of marijuana in one of his cars (not mine) and that he and his co-pilot wife had been handcuffed and arrested and had spent the last 5-6 days in jail trying to post bond. He said he had finally convinced them that the pot wasn't his and offered to participate in a sting at the destination of the car. They took him up on his offer,but he still had to pay several thousand dollars in bond money and on top of that had missed pick up of several cars during that time. I was sorta skeptical of his story until I saw this narco looking guy in an obviously confiscated Cadillac Seville turning around in the duldesac in front of my house. I felt so sorry for the guy I actually gave him a tip. Had I realized they had gone through the back seat of my car and torn up the trunk panel looking for more weed I wouldn't have been so generous. Anyhow, scroll down to my signature and see which car you think it was that I named after this little tale of woe.


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