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Camping at Hershey

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If you are interested in a nice campground contact Conewago Campground near Elizabethtown. It is a short drive to Hershey and you can still get a spot I am sure. It is not fancy just nice and clean and well run. And they can handle everything from tents to big rigs.

We, and others from our club, have stayed there for years. And you can get the same spot from year to year. We take backroads in and out and it does not take long at all.

If you can't find the number let me know and I will get it from our camping book.

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There probably is. I was just letting her know where there is a nice campground incase she wants one. When we travel we take our two ferrets, so we have to have an electric hookup to be able to have A/C or heat depending on the weather. We have a generator but running that all day is not a great idea. And some places don't allow it.

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I get this question a lot to the website so here is the latest.........

Overnight camper parking during the 2007 AACA meet will again be at the old farmhouse across from GIANT Center. Registration for camper parking will occur at two different locations, depending on when you arrive.

If you arrive on or before Monday, you will register at the Fairway Building. This is the brick house on the corner of Hockersville Road and Hersheypark.

If you arrive from Tuesday on, you will register at the old airport building in the White Field. This is the field across Hersheypark Drive from the Stadium.

There will be signs directing attendees to the appropriate registration location.

See you in October.


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Oh good, we like to camp close because we make many trips back and forth to bring back our treasures. :):)

Needs lots of stuff for the 1967 Ranchero, looking for some things for the 1938 Chrysler Royal and door handles and horn for the 1927 Hupmobile.

I love hunting!

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