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Struts and Handling


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I think my worn out struts handled better than the out the box Monroe sensa-trac I replaced them with. <P>Posts: 121 | From: Atlanta, USA | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects <BR>Member <BR>Member # 5047 <BR> posted 03-13-2002 08:31 PM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Do you feel the struts are soft for a sedan. Or are they too firm because they might be for a larger sedan? Robert<BR>--------------------<P>Robert Ottawa, Ontario <P><BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 607 | From: | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>tcams76 <BR>Member <BR>Member # 5892 <BR> posted 03-14-2002 07:49 AM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>First my other struts were shot so the ride was soft, but the car did not wander if you took your eye off the road for a second. These monroe's remind me of my lexus and I was never happy with that situation until I had the car lowered. With a good handling car you can feel through the steering wheel a change in course in the road.<BR>The monroe's lost this feel of my worn-out struts, the ride I would say is the same. <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Posts: 121 | From: Atlanta, USA | IP: Logged <BR> <BR>Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects <BR>Member <BR>Member # 5047 <BR> posted 03-14-2002 11:57 AM <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>Not an expert in this area but I believe that toe in caster and camber have a lot to do with feedback to the steering wheel. Could it be that the allignment after the strut replacement is not necessarly right nor wrong but just different to what it was with th old struts.<BR>I'll bet padgett with track experience would have some ideas on how to increase feedback to steering wheel.

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