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1936 Lincoln "K"

J. Bayuk

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I just purchased a 1936 Lincoln K and was wondering who is the "guru" on these cars. I live in PA., I'm a CCCA member but this is my first Lincoln. I would just like to talk to someone who is knowledgeable about them. Also I would like to find a owners manual and shop manual. Thanks for your help. Jeff

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Hi Jeff-I just finished a total restoration on a 1936 K LeBaron bodied coupe last Summer for a customer in PA. I might be able to help you with some advice on your project and Ray Thierault is also very knowledgeable on K Models and has some extra parts.

Speaking of parts, I made duplicates of the plastic door locking knob and sleeve and the shift knob if you need. also had a new gas cap cast from the original.

Martin Lum

Gettysburg, PA area

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