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1925 DB fuel filter

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This past weekend, I replaced a leaky on/off valve at the bottom of my vacuum tank.

When I went to refill the tank, I removed the fuel inlet fitting located at the top of the tank.

There was a screen connected to this fitting that contained some grit (which I cleaned). I guess this is the fuel filter.

My questions:

1) Is there a need to install a fuel filter somewhere in the fuel line --- assume the best place would be underneath the car?

2) If an additional fuel filter is installed, is the engine vacuum adequate to overcome whatever flow resistance might be created by the new fuel filter?

3) Any suggestions on what type of fuel filter to use?


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1) A fuel filter is a good idea. It will catch water and other gunk before it gets to the carburetor and will give the operator peace of mind. Cut the horizontal fuel line under the car, next to the frame, then attach a simple in-line plastic filter using two short pieces of hose and clamps.

2) I installed these filters on a '21 and a '24 years ago, and they have never given any problem. The four-cylinder creates plenty of vacuum to pull the gasoline through the filter.

3) I bought the cheapest in-line filter available at the local auto supply store (a paper filter enclosed in a transparent plastic bulb with plastic inlet and outlet nipples. I check under the car occasionally to see what has accumulated in the filter and replace as needed.

Good luck.

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I mounted the old style clear glass filter bowl unit where it goes into the Vac tank and it works fine and is easy to drain. You will get water and grit in the unit so it is nice to have.

Lots of luck

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