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Is it suppose to have a heat shield?

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My '53 Windsor does not have a fuel pump heat shield. The Chrysler shop manual shows one, but the Mopar Passenger Car Parts List has no heat shield listed for the 53-54 Windsor 265 Spitfire six engine. A heat shield for the 251 cu. in. for prior years is listed. QUESTION: Does my '53 Windsor suppose to have a heat shield or not?

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hearshield is nice to have but the car will run fine without it. i have 2 54 windsors, one has it the other doesn't. bothe run fine.there are places to buy them but i cannot remember exactly. try antique auto cellars or atlas obsolete. easy enough to make one if you must have it. dennis

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I don't know for sure if your car came with one but it's a good bet it did.

With today's lousy gas guys are having more trouble with vapor lock than in years gone by.So it wouldn't hurt to put one on.

The only function of the heat shield is to prevent vapor lock, and overheating of the fuel pump.

If you live in the north and don't drive much in traffic or in hilly country in real hot weather you may never miss it. So it's pretty much up to you whether you need one or not. But if you had any vapor lock or hard starting problems in hot weather it's the first thing you should look into.

I suspect your engine uses the same heat shield as the 251. Why it is not listed specifically I don't know.

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