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71 Riviera on ebay

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What's your opinion of the 71 Riviera, black on black for sale on ebay? Body side moldings look aftermarket, engine looks to clean? Front bumper damaged but not real clear! Opening under steering column for missing AC vent? How's it look to you?

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I just looked at that car but not too close. here is what I recall.

Ask for the Fisher tag info and find out if black is the original color. If it is thats a big plus (assuming you like black.) Factory 71s in black are few and far between.

It depends how much of a purist you are. A rust free factory black car could offset some of the following. The seats have been redone with incorrect material. There are a host of 73 parts under the hood such as the fan shroud, overflow bottle and the firewall to inner fender braces do not belong there in 71. Think those started in 73 and it seems to me the point of attachment at the firewall was a bracket welded on so not sure how they did it. Part of the the A/C system also appears to be 73.

It appears the owner does not know what was optional so get a list of available options and go down the list with the owner to see what it really has. For example it has a rare optional rim blow steering wheel. Unfortunatley the rim is covered. Being an AZ car I'd guess the rim blow part is deteriorated and probably not functional. That car has had a lot of work done to it and I'm sure I've only scratched the surface with my 5 minute viewing.

Ask about the engine. Maybe its a 73 also.

Ask if the molding on the side of the car is put on with adhesive or screws. If its screwed on and you decide you don't want it there, it will be costly to remove it.

Anytime I see a car with obvious major changes thats a red flag for extra caution and asking more questions. Many who fix these cars up could care less about authenticity. If you don't care about that either then none of the above matters.

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