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Industrial Engine Compatable??

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I have a 1951 plym with no engine but I do have a 1952 Chrysler industrial motor out of a 1952 Massey Harris combine, 6cly flat head will it work with my three speed trans and everything bolt up to it?? I looks like it should work, and its Free!!


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The Massey Harris engine is likely a long block, especially if the combine was built in Canada. I'm not 100% sure, but experience with other Chrysler ind. units is that they will bolt up to any bell housing of a similar year. The flywheel may be different, as may the manifolds, but they are a lot cheaper and easier to get than complete engines. If it is the long block it has the advantage of being able to be taken up to 265+ cu. in. and it already has the industrial strength exhaust valves and Stellite seats. Absolutely no problems concerning valve seat recession with modern fuels.

It is very much worth while checking thoroughly in terms of possible transplant into your car.

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Yes it will fit and work great.

If the car was made in Canada the original engine used the same block as the Massey industrial engine.

If the car was made in the US it would have a smaller engine but the big job will still fit, you have to move the motor mounts forward an inch or 2. Some frames come with the extra bolt holes already drilled.

They made different models of industrial engine. The 265 cu in with full flow oil filter from the 50s is the best they made from the standpoint of potential performance and longevity.

There have been other threads on these engines recently if you look for them, you will find out some interesting facts.

I recently did quite a bit of research on these engines, due to the fact that I want to build a hopped up flathead 6 for my 1951 DeSoto.

You could really build an excellent hop up, at quite low cost.

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This has been covered in depth in other threads.

Briefly, in the US they made a short, 23" long engine for Plymouth and Dodge. And a long, 25 1/4" long engine for DeSoto and Chrysler.

In Canada they made only the one engine, the 25 1/4" long model. They juggled the bore and stroke to get the same displacement and horsepower as their US counterparts, year for year and model for model.

They made a 3 3/8 bore block for Plymouth and Dodge and a 3 7/16 for Chrysler and DeSoto. Both the same block, just bored to a different size.

The Chrysler Industrial, and Crown Marine, were the 25 1/4" block with 3 7/16 bore and with hardened cylinder sleeves pressed in.

They were made in various sizes, 225 cu in with 4 1/16" stroke crank is the smallest I have seen. 265 cu in with 4 3/4" stroke is the largest.

By the way the 4 1/16" stroke crank with the 3 3/8" bore gives 218 cu in, this was the standard Plymouth and Dodge engine for many years in the 40s and early 50s.

This engine will fit all Canadian made Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto and Chrysler 6 cylinder cars from 1938 to 1959. Was also used in large trucks up to 1962, military trucks up to 1968, and industrial engines up to 1972.

It will fit US made Plymouths and Dodges in place of the shorter stock engine, with a little phenageling. Some chassis frames are drilled to relocate the motor mounts.

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Hey Dodgent, If your intersted in a '50/51 231 ci engine that has been recently rebuilt, .030 over pistons, .010/.010 crank, valve job, new timing gears/chain, water pump,oil pump, it's available, and I need to get it out of the way. If interested email me at:wbower3@yahoo.com. I'm in Oklahoma City.

The engine # is D42-99513. Walt Bower

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