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How to restore Gauges? Need some help.

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I need some help from my Buick brothers! I just purchased 2 gauges and a clock for a 1950 Buick ( my Roadie's all work fine ) . I'm trying to figure out how to open them up (get the glass off of and try to clean them up and make them look better. They aren't that bad either! If I can get them cleaned up inside real nice I'd get them re-chromed. The amp/temp gauge has the sensor still attached to the temp gauge portion. There are 2 nuts screwed onto the top portion that have a gasket type material that is quite large. I will post pics later this week of the back and side views of all 3. How do I get the glass off?

I don't see anything to remove to get the glass off the clock?

The fuel gauge/oil pressure gauge has 2 screws on the back/ down on the oil pressure gauge section, and 2 nuts holding on a couple of empty fittings on the back at the top where the gas gauge portion is. Again, how to get the glass off so I can clean them up and make them look nice? I'm assuming they work, as the seller stated on ebay. I paid $60 for all 3 and $10 shipping. Did I pay too much?

I realize that without pics my descriptions may be lacking. I'm hoping someone experienced can get me started (maybe a new hobby - cleaning up gauges). Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom (instructions accepted) that my Buick brothers can provide.

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Guest imported_JPIndusi

I think for the gauges and clock you got value for your money.

Turn the clock over on a soft cloth with the face down. Around the edge of the outer ring or bezel you will see areas where the edge of the bezel is folded over the back, sort of swaged over the back in about 4 places. Carefully straighten these out with a pliers and then separte the outer bezel from the clock base. The glass will likely stick to the gasket material in the bezel valley. The gauge cluster is similar.

Good luck.

Joe, BCA 33493

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I appreciate all the info Joe and rlbleeker. I will give it a shot some time later this week when I get a few spare minutes and the 'honey-do list' is completed. At least with only laying out $70 for all three I can tinker around a little bit and maybe learn something. I love tinkering anyway. Thanks again and I'll post some pics with 'before' and maybe some 'after' if all goes well. Have a good day guys!

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