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WTB: 1928 Pierce Arrow Model 81 Literature


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Hi Don,

Did you buy the car? Or are you doing some research? Copies of the information that you are looking for is available at a very reasonable price by writing to the Editor of the Pierce Arrow Society at www.pierce-arrow.org.

There are a lot of great people in PAS that would love to help a new member. Let us know if we can be of help.

Happy motoring,


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I did buy the car, it was too good to pass up. The owner had done much cosmetic updating including paint, interior, woodwork, tires, etc. Unfortunately he admitted he was no mechanic and said the only thing in that vein that had been done was new brake linings. He said he never drove the car except to move it around his driveway in 5 years possession and had never changed oil or fluids. The fuel pump would not draw from the main tank so would only run for a few minutes on the contents of the firewall canister. Over the last couple of weeks I have changed the fluids, drained the gas tank, fixed the vacuum leak that had disabled the fuel pump and added an inline fuel filter and a new battery. With these few changes I have been rewarded with a running car that I have been able to drive enough to determine that most everything works as intended. I have already trailered it to one car show and look forward to slowly checking out and repairing all the systems. It needs an exhaust system, wiring work, shock absorber rebuilding, and brake adjustment and I'm sure that list will grow. I have joined the PAS and have been very pleased with the response and assistance offered just in the short time I have had the car. I will post some pictures later on, thanks for the help!

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