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Adjusting the cowl vent??


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Is anyone aware of a good method of adjusting the cowl vent so that it seals securely and does not chip the paint on the either the vent or the area around it?

I removed mine to clean it up a bit and replace the rubber, but now I want to do a better job or installing it since it has chipped the paint at the rear corners. Every time I think I have it aligned something goes awry. There is an up-down adj that afixes the vent to the hinges, an inclined front and back adj on the hinge brackets, and the latching adjustment.

I have checked the service manual for my 47 DeSoto and my '50 Chrysler but it is not covered.

Thanks for any hints,


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Dear 50 Traveler/Justin,

I have the exact same problem.

Someone wrote about it on the p-15-d24 forum, and said to

replace the rubber seal through Robert's.

The two flanges on either side of the cowl vent are attached to armatures that must be adjusted and tightened to mimick each side, that is to say to become symetrical in function. Another thing, if you tighten the play in the handle to cowl armature to much you can monk up the stop at the bracket, that is to say bend it where it enters the pivot, so be ever so careful and gentle in your adjustments.

Mine is off (Cowl)at the body shop to match paint for a Sunvisor I bought so I have the priveledge of readjusting mine again as I re-install it.

It is best to remove the Radio when working on all that under the dash, but go slow, leave the beer on the workbench

you really can't drink it upside down.


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