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Trivia for "A"ers

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I was fascinated to read about the Robertson Screw. My Ford experiences are only with the Canadian cars found in Australia and New Zealand, and I had the impression that the square headed screw was a Ford design. I used to grind a square onto broken blade screwdrivers to make my own driver, I have never seen a commercially produced one.

Referring to the mistakes made by restorers, in Aus and NZ most '28 and '29 cars are restored with chrome plated radiator shells. I made sure that the one on my '28 Tudor was nickel when I had it re-plated. To me, chrome just does not look right.


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That happens in the US as well. I think that the availability of relatively inexpensive reproduction chrome radiator shells is the reason for that.

An interesting note that lots of people do not know about is that, according to the Model A Judging Standards, Some radiator shells WERE chrome plated from October to December of 1929. (page 15-8)

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