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For Sale - 1936 Chrysler Airstream

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Fully Restored 1936 Chrysler Airstream

Staunton, Virginia, USA

Contact: Joy or 703-430-3118

We are asking $50K.

Pictures and info available at

Details:1936 Chrysler Airstream C-7

Detailed Restoration History


Engine was totally rebuilt. It is called a flathead six, for six cylinders.

The pistons were not available so they had them made(machined) to specs. Has new clutch, pressure plate, flywheel has been resurfaced. New brakes, new bearings, new valve seats, etc. Considered to be like a new motor. By the way, the car holds 15 gallons of gasoline in it's tank.


As far as the interior is concerned here is what was done.

The original interior was still in the car when Dad bought it. It also had the original assist straps and carpet. It also contained an extra back seat spring unit in case the original was broken inside the seat cover. The headliner was made of cotton and was replaced with the equivalent of reproduction headliner materials. The seats were reupholstered with the original mohair with the correct size and placement of the buttons. The door panels were also reproduced with the original buttons and stitching.

The carpet was replaced with wool carpet of the 1936 era. The design above the inside windshield header was stitched as original as was the back of the front seat. The robe cord was replaced and the dash and garnish mouldings were woodgrained like the original.


Complete exterior restoration. Chrome plating of grill and bumpers. It has new whitewall tires and the wheels were painted as the factory had painted them. It does have signal lights installed for safety reasons, but is located on the steering column and could easilly be removed. It has a spare tire in the trunk and the trunk has been covered with black trunk lining for sound purposes. The glove compartments were remade and installed in the dash. The same with the kick panels. The quarter windows need to have new gaskets but they are not available that I know of. That is why we have never driven the car in the rain and it is always stored inside with the cover on it. Still trying to locate gaskets for quarter windows to make it waterproof 100%.

There was no runniing board material available for this car when he restored it, so he used something equal to it. He made the rear trunk chrome piece that was broken and had it plated. It has the original windshield wipers.

The only thing Dad didn't have done was the inside door sill plates, but we have the originals with the Chrysler Emblems on them.

The automobile serial number located on the right front

door pillar is as follows: 6858129 It coinsides with

Airstream Six Serial Numbers 6823301 thru 6865003 for the year 1936.

Here is a list with engine numbers and data plates.

Motor Numbers: (as they appear on the top of the motor head)

Engine Number: 649853-1



Manufacturers Plate on the firewall in the engine compartment:

Chrysler Corporation

Detroit Michigan

Correspondence pertaining to the body

Must bear these numbers:



Job No 76-136 TM

Miscellaneous additional parts:

Repair manual

Chrome Grill

Door sill plates

2 Complete quarter windows with handles and gaskets

Original assist strap from original upholstery

One hubcap




1 Quart 600 W Oil



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<FIELDSET class=fieldset><LEGEND>Attached Thumbnails</LEGEND>75845d1295370229t-1936-chrysler-airstream-c7-owners-img00119.jpg 75846d1295370229t-1936-chrysler-airstream-c7-owners-img00120.jpg 75847d1295370229t-1936-chrysler-airstream-c7-owners-img00122.jpg 75848d1295370229t-1936-chrysler-airstream-c7-owners-img00123.jpg 75849d1295370229t-1936-chrysler-airstream-c7-owners-img00124.jpg




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I assume that you are still receiving action on your C7 but my note is to ask a question. Can you share any information as to the fittings that secure your hood in place between the top of the radiator shell and the windshield cowling? The hood on my C7 has fittings that have obviously been modified and changed by previous owners and long story short, the hood is only secured by the side clamping lever rods and not in the center. When one lifts the hood side panel to access the engine, the hood slides away over the top.

I have been trying to find descriptions of the original method of attachment in the parts manuals I have been able to purchase but so far, it has been a lost cause. Can you share any photographic description of the method used to secure your hood in place on its centerline?


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Your hood has a rod through the hood hinge I believe that goes into a Hood hinge pivot at each end. There is a guy reproducing them on ebay. I think he is a member on these forums as well.

Here is a link for one kind

and another kind

I think the second ones listed are what are on my car. I can go out and confirm if you you can't tell from what you have. Just let me know.

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I'm pretty sure mine has the 1st style from the links posted (although not stainless) I also can look.


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Thank you for your reply.

My initial solution was to correct what I had with a 3/16" that would extend from the two pivot posts (shown as the second alternative in the 1936 Plymouth reference as NOS articles. the 1936 Plymouth Dodge Chrysler DeSoto Hood HINGE ENDS NOS MoPar Chryco PAIR F & R shown at the second site referemced is what I have now, although they have been altered to accommodate some stripped bolt holes in the cowling.

Long story short, the solution shown in the first reference utilizing heavier rod stock might have been workable but adapting the existing NOS hinge members to the 3/16" diameter stock did not produce an acceptable result. It would appear that the original NOS hinge member will only work if the center chrome strip connecting to two top hood members is pristine. Unfortunately mine is not...being jimmied and split at both ends. Because of the unique hood hinge design of the C7 hood, this issue has presented a real mind-teaser.

Any thoughts?



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post-82038-143142438304_thumb.jpgI elected to engineer a hybrid. I cut 3/4" off of both ends of the original stainless center cap and inserted a 3/16" steel rod. The rod was positioned to protrude out of each end by 5/8" and was welded in place. Then I purchased the new style hold downs from ebay and inserted the rod and reinstalled. The chrome hold downs match nicely with the stainless and the seam in less than 1/8". All in all very pleased and I can open and close the hood by myself. I still need to be careful as it is a very tight fit. With only one rod the hood opens 100% one side at a time but if opening both sides can only go up about 75% on each. Just my 2 cents on how I dealt with the worn hinge.

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