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1936 Chrysler Airstream Info Please

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I would contact someone at the Walter P. Chrysler Club (WPC), as they have the most knowledge and interest in Airstreams of that era. If there's an AACA Chapter in your area, let them know the car is for sale, as they have an interest in older cars. Try the VMCCA, too.

Also, you could use comparables from auctions or ebay. A 1935 DeSoto Airstream (#200138245640) just ended at $8,300 (Reserve not met) that was appraised from $15-$20K. If all else fails, get a qualified antique automotive appraiser to provide a value for a fee. Try the International Vehichle Appraisers Network (IVAN).

Sadly, as the folks like your father pass away that remember (and collect) the cars of their youth, there are fewer younger collectors with similar interests. That doesn't mean you won't find a new steward for the Chrysler.


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