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Headlight Repair


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Just yesterday my driverside headlamp would not come up. Upon investigation I found a rubber flap in the area was preventing it from rising. Once I fixed the problem, it then seamed that the lamp didnt respond, would go down but not. The motor would wine, and you cn see the manual deice spinning around

My question, I hve seen on ebay various fix kits, one being the least expensive whereby the seller claims that most fixes require replacement of some internal prongs or such.

Does anyone have any experience with these? Thank you for your help


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Go to www.reatta.net and read the headlight repair instructions.

Do not try to make the washer fix as that was not a great idea.

I presently make a steel bellcrank for $35 that replaces the factory unit (last known cost was over $150).

I also offer a kit that includes the plastic rollers that go inside the motor...... the bellcrank for everything you would need to fix a headlight.

If you do not do your own work and need to take it to a mechanic, I offer a rebuilt headlight motor for $50 exchange.

If you have further questions, we will be glad to answer them on this forum.

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