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For Sale: 1932 Packard 902 Victoria Coupe


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1932 Packard 902 Victoria Coupe.

Classic Car Club First Place #1787.

Very handsome, properly restored car from a particularly solid and sound original.

Dark green and midnight blue on black, proper tan broadcloth upholstery.

New engine bearings, new Arias pistons, valves, new waterpump by O&G, rebuilt Detroit Lubricator carburetor by "Old Carb Doc".

Bedford blackwall tires with authentic tread design.

Runs and drives very nicely. Plenty of power and pep.

Heater for comfortable touring in all weather conditions.

Asking $55,000.

Scott Dwyer

Troy, New York


518-276-8414 leave message.

I don't see how to attach a photo, so please ask and I'll send photos. Many photos are available.

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Yes, I had this for sale about two or three months ago.

I put new bearings in the engine over the winter, then when I drove it decided that it needed to have new pistons as well because the originals were OK but marginal. (I heard some piston slap.) Since the last post I had the cylinders rebored to 0.020" over and installed a set of new Arias pistons.

I didn't feel right about selling the car while it still was in need of something.

As far as I know, this car needs nothing except the normal maintenance and tinkering we all do.


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Thanks for the compliment. Yes, indeed, that 1932 Victoria is knock-out handsome. I cannot claim that I chose the paint colors --- they are as close to the original colors as the previous owner could find. It came out very well. And it's holding up remarkably well, too.

At one time I was hot for a 1940 Packard -- I like the looks of the car being the last year for separate headlights. But I've learned that my tastes run more toward earlier cars. I have a 1926 Eight Phaeton which I love. If I buy another car it will be pre-1929 and hopefully earlier.


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I will have to send you photographs in a personal e-mail.

Perhaps someone cah help me --- how do I post a photo on this forum? When I click on the "add image" icon, it wants an html address. huh??? All I want to do is add an attachment. I don't see how to do that.

Anyway, if anyone wants photos, please ask.


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The exhaust pipe does come out on the driver's side. It takes a bend in the rear to go from the right to the left side. Don't know why, but that's the way it is.

Had the car out yesterday for a nice ride. Running well. Stopped in to see an old farmer who recently restored his 1917 Model T Ford which he has owned for 59 years. Had a nice ride. He liked the Packard.

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That is the way you used to have to attach files, you had to have them on your server somewhere and just point ot them.

But the new system they are kept on AACA's server.

When you post at the bottom under "Post Options"

Click "File manager"

when the pop up screen appears choose "Browse."

Select the jpg you want to post click "open"

then click "Add file "it should appear above the box.

then click "Done adding files".

Then Under the "Post Options" "File manager" it should have (Total Files:1) or as many as you added.


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