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Year ID help off VIN?

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First off, Hello from Colorado.

I have a body that I need to title. The CO motor vehicle checked the numbers, but they don't come up with a year. So I can pick any year I want. But, I want to be close just because I'm a stickler for details. I was told it is a 1918. Can any of you guys with the old ones check my number against yours and tell me where it fits? I don't want to know your VINs, just asking for a year idea.


Vin #171345 It has an I in front of it, but that messed up the DMV computers, so I figure it means ID.

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You mention having a 'Body' to title? The number on the firewall would be the Body I.D. number and would, for all practical purposes, be irrelevant in attempting to ascertain the vintage of chassis for which it would be appropriate. The car's serial number (vin) would be stamped into the frame, as would a serial number similarly be stamped into the engine block. The later is usually 50,000 higher than the chassis in which it is installed. The body numbers went off track back when various models began to be incorporated. A series of roadster bodies added to a series of touring bodies, then further complicated by a series of commercial chassis and finally closed car bodies made the 'Body Number' a completely unrelated factor in figuring out vintage or chassis I.D.s. If you do have a frame that came with this body then we can help.

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