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This garage was originally made for an artist's studio in 1999. My wife and I bought the "house" it was attached to almost two years ago. Inside is 60 ft. deep by 30 ft. wide. Twelve feet high cinderblock walls with an additional 12 foot quonset hut style roof. You can see the 5 foot diameter exhaust fan that was installed at the east end of the building. The guy I bought the house from left all of those cabinets you see just laying around. He also left the ten foot glass doors that I framed into a wall so I would have a "clean" side and "dirty" side.

Now before you go "Gee Mikey, I wish I had that"... the house was a complete wreck. 5 inches out of level, no tub, four electrical subpanels (totally rigged), leaky roof, etc. Anybody who made more money than I do would have bulldozed it and started over. Fortunately for me, artists and mechanics couldn't afford to rebuild it. I have a remodeling background so I was able to at least make it liveable for my wife and my (then two and a half year old) son. The cool thing is it is in a great old part of town with great schools and it sits on a half acre lot, in the middle of Austin.

The picture you see above with the frost shows the little shed I built to store my garden tools, because, "ONLY CARS BELONG IN THE GARAGE!" I did the same thing when I had only a two car garage. I restored my 55 completely in my old two car garage (except paint).

One of the big pictures you can see my 220 volt compressor, that I wish I had when I was restoring my 55. A glass bead cabinet sure goes through a lot of air. In that same picture you can also see the old fridge where I keep "supplies" that need to remain cold.

The cars shown are:

My 55 Buick Special two door sedan

My 63 Wildcat convertible

My 1931 Model A Ford (soon to be Nailhead powered hot rod)

My friend's 1960 Buick Electra (I was doing a bunch of small things on it)

Another friends 1962 Buick Special (He rents a space)

That's all I can think of right now.


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Wow, what a place!!!

When we were last in the housing market, I told the realtor I wanted a 2 bedroom house with a 5 car garage. One week she said I found a 3 bedroom house with a 4 car garage, but the garage does not go with the house.

I thought how could that happen? Who would take a garage?

But the son of a gun did just that. Moved out and took the garage.


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Thanks Jon,

The irony is....

I don't work out there anymore. EVER! A four year old will take every bit of your time. I love him to death, he is an awesome helper, I think he's in three of the photos above, but real life is a B!](H.

I love my space and it feels surreal to actually have the good fortune to work out of it, even if it isn't car related. I am in the process of buying a lift so it will be easier to work on cars.

Hey, one other thing. I think everybody should take their car covers off every once in a while. These are things of beauty, drive them. I scold MYSELF first and loudest. I will be driving the convertible tomorrow, Maybe pics.


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I wish I could find a Realtor like that.

We have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath Pool home with a 5 car

garage and Realtors say "Golly why would anyone want

a five car garage?"

So, I'll sell it myself in Hemmings. Any lookers for a

ready to live like being on vacation home in Florida?

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Hi- on the small house and big garage, how about a big house and big garage? A house just came on the market here in town, owned by a dealer/collector; 6000 square foot 4 bedroom house, with a 3 car attached garage. That is sort of normal. But it has a 15 car detached garage! I was dreaming, of course, and looked up the price. $1,999,999. Whew, at least it's not 2 million!

David Coco Winchester Va.

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When I bought my house, a really good friend of mine who owns the 60 Buick Electra in the above pictures REALLY was horrified. The house was a complete wreck. I used to live in a gorgeously restored mid 50's house and decided to move to this, my current (1940's) house. When I bought it, he said to me "Who the hell wants a 1200 square foot house with a 2200 square foot garage. I guess there is a lid for every pot."

We are all lids, I suppose. smile.gif


p.s. I did drive my convertible the other day. YEE HAW!!!

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