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Caravan hand-out


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I am involved with organizing a day caravan for the Towe Museum in Sacramento and have been looking for a sample handout of caravan "rules of the road". We will probably have everything from T's to 50's era cars. I don't want to re-invent the wheel if I don't have to, so I could use some help with the usual good caravan participant advice-- something like:

Must carry a fire extinguisher.

Don't try to make right turns on a red light.

If you see another caravan car on the side of the road that already has people assisting, don't stop.

If you need to pull to the side of the road and don't need assistance, the sign for "I'm OK" is a thumbs-up.

Any help is appreciated. Can provide email for sending file if you have one. Thanks.

--Richard F

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What you have already is a good.

For a caravan type of event you should have good written detailed directions to hand out to all drivers.

Other things that should be written in the directions are;

Follow all traffic regulations.

(no running red lights to keep up)

Use turn or hand signals when turning

Don't bunch up, keep a good distance between vehicles

(no tailgating)

Allow enough time for your drive

(Don't rush the drive)

(Don't let it become a road race)


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I've planned many covered bridge tours and fall foliage tours...

you certainly, as Dan stated, provide complete directions to your destination...as well as a phone number for the museum you are visiting. You could be amazed how people can get lost!!

Choose a route that is less traveled and few red lights.

Designate a "sweep" car...someone that knows the route.

recommend that people bring their hand held radios or supply a list of cell numbers for participants.

If you are laying out a route using a map...it is also a good idea to test it and make sure you, as the leader, know where you are going...it can be a real pain turning around a caravan for a missed turn...oh, and a little embarrassing!!

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