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New information related to one of my articles


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Hello everybody,

I have an interesting piece of news to share.

If you visited the website and read my article about the bullet-riddled LINCOLN CONTINENTAL in The Godfather death scene at the toll booth, this follow-up information should be of interest

That article is the 13th article available to read on the website:


Meanwhile, I received an email from member Bill Hannah who provided further EXCELLENT information about that car and the movie. He said:

"Hello Mr Benford, I was reading your article on the 1941 Lincoln used in the the Godfather. You're right about the one owned by Gene Beardslee from Long Island. My father passed away 10 years ago but we were in the restoration business for almost 40 years. Our shop was located in the Iron Bound section of Paterson NJ at the time of the filming of the Godfather and we supplied many of the vehicles for that movie as well as The Way WE Were, Serpico, The Valachie Papers with Charles Bronson and many more. As for the other two yes two 1941 Lincoln Continentals, they belonged to my Father Charles Hannah and myself Bill Hannah. I have pictures from the shooting on set as well as a photo of myself and my sister Shelley autographed right after the scene by James Caan with broken prop glass still all over the hood as well as many other shots of our cars in the movie. We sublet Mr. Beardslee's 41 to be used as an out of sequence 41 to filmed while the other two were being prepared for Paramount by the special effects team lead by A.D. Flowers. I have a photo of him leaning on one of the bullet riddled Lincolns autographed to me "A.D. Flowers" To Bill". I also have promotional photo's of one of the bullet riddled Continentals when they were on tour in 1972 in Atlantic City NJ and Stale fairs all over the country. If you have any questions please e-mail me back! Bill Hannah."

It is also interesting to note: Three of my Lincoln articles are the most viewed of my 30+ articles on the site. The above Godfather Lincoln article is third most viewed, while The Mark II, A Rich Man's Car, and The Kennedy Death Car are first and second most viewed.

Comments? Thoughts? Opinions? Reach me directly at: TimothyBenford@aol.com

Regards to all, Tim Benford

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