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1944 KdF-Wagen Off-Road VW Beetle of WWII

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My project is an early 1944 KdF-Wagen Type 82e (off road beetle) that was found in Poland in 1946'. It went through a lot during (and after) WWII, like most cars did. I'm pretty bone-headed and have searched out most of the toughest parts to restore it correctly. Thanks to so many of my friends around the World for all their help, it's coming together slowly. I found it in the U.K. 5 years ago which & at that time it was the oldest beetle there. I can't wait to drive it one day!


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Thanks. I will keep you all updated as there seems to be much interest with this car.

I was able to get an Original blueprint of the gas tank which resembles a beer keg turned on it's side. A fellow in Austria made it for me.

The Body, doors, front and rear hood were all number stamped with a matched number. A year after I bought the car I was contacted by a German collector who once owned my car. He tracked down the former owner in Poland who had my car just after the War. That fellow still had the 2 ORIGINAL number stamped doors in his basement! The German collector assisted me in buying them and now they are back together again! The early prototype door hinges were weak & often broke on these cars. Doors were often changed to later, stronger 40's era ones. I was lucky to get these Originals back for sure!

There are only a few known photos of these cars "in the field" but here are a few I have.



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My friend and I recently found a 1944 VW KDF-Wagen behind a barn in a garage. The car was on jack stands. The wheels were removed and were rock hard. the color is of a camouflage color, more tan. The interesting part was a raised black cross on the doors. The owner started it right up with no problem. The owner told us, he bought the car from a G.I. who had it shipped from germany, hidden in a large food container. The G.I. mentioned to him the german paperwork for the car sowed it was to be sent to africa but now found by the allies, it was to be destroyed. The owner has all the documents, in german, with some type of affidavit of who the car was assigned to based on what the owner allowed me to view, and I was also not allowed to take pictures. I'm currently negotiating a deal for the car and hopefully will be in my possession in the coming weeks. The key of the 1944 VW was very odd, it had a short blade and a large bow with a swastika cut out on it. Now for the kicker, He also has a 1951 356 porsche that was next to it, covered, and running in very good condition. He has had both cars in storage for a very long time. Yes, we are negotiating for the porsche too! I will post pictures as soon as possible. If anyone has additional information on the raised cross on the doors, it would be much appreciated.

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