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1930 Headlight switch

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I have a 1930 40 series (46 coupe) and all of a sudden my headlights don't work. The car has been re-wired and they had been working fine. I can't seem to find the problem. The relay doesn't actuate at all. However, the parking lights do work. Any ideas? Anyone have any ideas of where to get a new switch or relay?



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Test the leads from the switch at the bottom of the steering column. If you do not have power, take the switch apart and see what is wrong.

Sometimes the contacts wear down. If the bakelite is not burned, and the contact is worn down, you can make a new contact from a copper rivet. It takes a lathe or a lot of filing. The main thing to watch out for is that when you install the new contact, do not peen it over after you place it through the steel piece as was done on the original application. You could break the bakelite. Solder it in with soft solder. Adding soft solder to build up a worn down contact will not work. I know from experience.

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