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Removing North East Generator Starter

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Can the generator be removed without breaking the chain. The clearance to remove the double pin secured with a link end and a "S" shaped cotter pin is very tight It could easly fall into the engine. Holding the two chain ends together and attempting to re-install the removable double pin, the end piece and cotter type pin appears to be a two man job.

Any help from some one who has replaced a generator starter will be greatly appreciated.



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You can turn the engine over with the hand crank until the pin is in a more accessable spot in the opening under that cover. As I remember it, the Owner's Manual instructs to puill the pin and prop the timning chain up with a stick. You could loosen up that big wrought iron washer that's on the adjustment and loosen those spacing blocks on the engine block to release the chain enough to wiggle it off. But, given the weight of the unit, I would opt to take the chain apart.

When I took my DB timing chain apart, I took the pan off so that I could get an accurate view of the chain alignment and the tension measurement. I know this is a lot of extra work, but the accurate alognment of the NE unit and the chain make for a smoother running engine. And make sure that those spacer blocks that level the NE unit are correctly adjusted.

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