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Does AACA keep award info from many years ago?

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Didn't catch this post before responding to your earlier "what it's worth" post. I think my dad got his 1st Junior at Hershey in '76. Sure sounds like the same car. My contact info is in the other post. If its the same car, I know its history back to 1970 when it was restored. You guys would have been the third owner since the car was done. I'm not sure how many 33 Ford 5 W's with Vermillion wheels and no trim rings won 1st juniors in 76 so it sure sounds like its the same car. My dad got a 64 Corvette coupe from Tony Grimaldi and your dad ended up with the 33. Give me a call sometime. Would love to hear more about how the car is doing and what you guys are looking to get for it.


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That's one of the great things about winning in AACA. It's not forgotten the next week by everyone, like at some local or regional show. A car that wins at an AACA National Meet is recorded for all time. AACA prints a "Winners Book" that lists every winning car back to around 1954 (without looking, I'm guessing the year). You can buy the book from Headquarters. I always enjoy looking back over the years at the various cars I have won with, and when that was accomplished. In the back of the book is listed all of the National Award winners, who have received one of the Annual Awards given out at Philadelphia each year. In my opinion this book is one of the more important aspects of AACA membeship and participation.

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