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1924 cleveland

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need some help guys, I was soooo very excited to find someone who knew about clevelands...have started buying older cars and restoring them. Found a 1924 Cleveland, darn thing cranks. But the guy is asking a good bit of money. so I came home to do my homework cause i never heard of a Cleveland before. After six hours of research i am more confused than ever. Nothing at hemmings, what I did find says that 6 different independent car companys made "Clevelands". But I have narrowed the field down to Chandler, however the only photos i found has only 4 door cars. this is a two door. It also says "Cleveland Motor Car Company" on the engine. Like I said this beauty cranks, have not driven it, but was pleased it cranks. No cancer on it anywhere. Guy wants 38,000 for it....does that sound high to you guys?

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Sure does soud high! Are you sure there is not an extra 0 in there? 1924 was about the last year that Chandler made Clevelands. There were supposed to be a smaller cheaper version of the Chandler. Ford and Chevy did a better job in the market, so Clevelands became entry model Chandlers. My own 1929 Chandler is a decendant of the line.

For the most part Clevelands are more rare than a Chandler, but not necessarily more desiarble.

If you can get the car's serial number I can confirm the model and year for you.

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