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General electrical weirdness...


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Since replacing the cluster I've been experiencing some weirdness, though I can't really attribute what I see to that. Though the tank is full every so often it thinks I'm low, if I turn off the ignition the cluster goes dark but the radio stays on, and if I turn the ignition on and off it goes off. I've noted if I remotely unlock the door on occasion the dash will go through what appears to be a little self-test, and may actually stay on for a few minutes if I relock the doors and stand there. It does eventually go off, but it is a bit disconcerting to see my dashboard cycle if I open the door.

Outside of that the car seems fine... blush.gif

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My friend,that is what is known as "The Light Show" It was designed to go thru a self test. It will quickly show you if all your idiot lamps are working as well as your light pods/console lights.

I can't answer the fuel indicator other then you might have a bad connection back at the tank.

The radio will stay on after the car is turned off until you open the door/cycle the key or like 5 minutes have passed and the door has not been opened. In my opinion another neat feature.

To reassure you, not quirks just designed features!

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