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F/S Mid 30s Lincoln,others,17 inch set of 6 wheel dics covers


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For Sale: Matched set of six circa 1932-36 wheel discs for I believe 17 inch wheels.Removed from a Duesenberg. These were popular for later Duesenbergs,to be attached over the Buffalo wire wheels. They were also used as vanity equipment on Mid 1930s Cadillacs,Lincolns,Packards,Cords,Auburns,Marmons,etc.Super rare accsssory,especially for a set of six.They are VIRTUALLY IDENTICAL OR IDENTICAL to the wheel discs used on the Gary Cooper Duesenberg Model SSJ speedster,J-563,as shown on page 241 of the Roe Duesenberg book,and page 93 of the Elbert Duesenberg book. See page 48 of the Elbert Duesenberg book for other Duesenberg speedsters that used the same discs.These can be chrome plated,painted with the body color or an accent color,or a combination of chrome and paint.They are in overall good condition. Measurements: On the front side of the disc,the middle opening is 6 inches.On the rear side of the disc,the outside diameter of the rounded lip that fits into the side of the metal wheel is 16 1/2 inches in diameter. The diameter of the outer edge of the disc is 17 1/2 inches. Set of 10 photos by email to SERIOUS inquiries only! Price for the set of six discs: $2,900,which INCLUDES UPS shipping to the lower 48 states. George Albright,Ocala,Fla. Email: gnalbright@gmail.com cell 352 843 1624

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