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How can I tell if fuel contains ethenol or not? I have seen "10% ethenol" labels at some pumps, but can I trust fuel that is not labeled?<BR>Are there certain gas chains whose fuel is known not to contain ethenol?

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scotty ~ Now you have asked the $64,000 question. I don't have a firm answer but will give some input as best I can.<P>I have never figured out whether that 10% label on the middle pump means there is alcohol in that one pump, or in all three, or if they just put the label in the middle for neatness sake.<P>There once was a law requiring all pumps dispensing gasoline containing alcohol to be so labeled. I don't think anybody abides by that law anymore and I doubt that it is ever enforced. So basically it is a crapshoot. frown.gif" border="0<P>Here in Cheyenne there is a Conoco station that has a big sign proclaiming, NO Alcohol In Our Gas." grin.gif" border="0 The Conoco 1/2 mile away has a 10% sticker in the middle pump of all its pump clusters. So who knows who is selling what. It might be alcohol free one week and full of the stuff the next. I do use the station with the sign as being my best bet to get pure gasoline. But who knows? shocked.gif" border="0<P>If you go into a convenience store gas station and ask if there is alcohol in their gas, the usual answer is, "Huh", or "I don't know nothin about that stuff." mad.gif" border="0 <P>This is probably of little help, but that is the best I can do. ~ hvs

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